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Monday, November 27, 2006


Hunted by James Alan Gardner

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March 25, 2001

There are some books you just want to read, read, read until you get to the end because they're just that good, this was one of those books. Much like Expendable, this is a first-person yarn, and like any good first-person story it has a narrator that the reader can enjoy listening to for 400+ pages. In this story, our narrator Edward York starts out as a Forrest Gump kind of character, a little slow, but also very disarming because he's so kind and gentle. Slowly York becomes tangled in a huge web of deceit and treachery, but is able to save the day with a little help from his friends. Those friends include old favorites like Phylar Tobit and of course Festina Ramos.

Hunted is an exciting, action-packed book with riveting plot twists and great characters. For hardcore SF readers this might not be serious enough or have enough scientific mumbo-jumbo, and maybe some of the plot twists are rather predictable, but this is just an exciting, entertaining read.

After reading Expendable and Hunted, I'm definitely going to pick up the rest of Gardner's books in this series, I'd recommend you do the same. Since there are no immortal see-through people and no choppy subheadings, I can feel good about giving this book five stars.

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