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Thursday, December 7, 2006

Get Shorty

Get Shorty by Elmore Leonard

December 2, 2002

This book was a fast read, too fast as far as I'm concerned. The way it ends it didn't seem that anything had really been solved. Chili seems a little put off by actors and Hollywood at the end, but I wasn't completely sure what he was going to do after the last climactic studio meeting.

This is a good book, but there needed to be more to it. I was expecting more of a Hollywood spoof, but this seemed primarily concerned with the conflict between Chili and Bo Catlett and their various illegal activities. I think it would have been funny to actually see Chili and Bo working on a movie, just to see how they'd react to certain situations and what kind of movie they could put out.

I'll have to see the movie to see if it's any better, but the book was decent. I really liked the character of Chili Palmer, though I was lukewarm on most of the others. Given the shortness of the book and its overall lighthearted tone, I'd recommend this book for some light reading on a long trip.

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