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Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Wonder Boys

Wonder Boys: A Novel by Michael Chabon

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November 1, 2002

My problem approaching this book was that I'd already watched (and bought) the movie and loved it, so the entire time I was reading this book, I had the movie in my head.

I have to say that I still like the movie much more because it moves along better than the book. In the book, there's too much time spent at the house of Grady's wife's parents and the Passover festivities that ensue. While this section of the book was mildly entertaining, it doesn't add a lot to the overall plot and in my opinion goes on for too long. Also, I thought the end, after the conclusion of WordFest, also dragged on for too long and didn't contribute much to the story or the reader's understanding. I did, however, like how the book ended, because the movie's ending was too happy. I won't spoil it, but the end of the book is a little more subdued, where everything doesn't turn out sunshine and roses for every single character.

Strictly speaking about the book, the writing is good, but as I said, the narration tends to drag in parts. I recommend giving this book a look, but I think if you watch the movie, you'll agree with me that it moves along better than the novel.

(I read this book a third time and it actually depressed me. Bad timing, I suppose.)

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