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Friday, December 1, 2006

Forever Free

Forever Free by Joe Haldeman

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February 8, 2002

I would rate this as the second worst book I've ever read in my whole life. Don't get me wrong, I love Haldeman's original "The Forever War". It's a true classic and highly recommended. The only strength of this book is the narration of "The Forever War's" protagonist, William Mandella. Mandella's telling of the story is brisk and down-to-earth, which is just as well because this book needed to be as short as possible, as in 0 pages.

The main problem is that 25 years after "The Forever War", Haldeman concocts this sequel, but he has no material to work with. There were no lingering questions or problems from the original book to be dealt with. William and Marygay went riding off in the sunset, Happily Ever After, so to speak, at the end of "The Forever War". So now Haldeman is forced to create a completely far-fetched plot that concludes with the most insane ending I've ever read (wherein "God" reveals the secrets of the universe to William and Marygay at Disney World, circa 3200 AD).

Let me be blunt, this book is terrible. It isn't worthy of Haldeman or those who appreciate his earlier work. From start to finish the book lacks a believable or interesting premise, any kind of dramatic action, and well-developed suuporting characters.

To quote from the Grinch, the three words that best describe "Forever Free" are as follows: stink, stank, STUNK! Don't waste your time on such trash.

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